A wrap. And a scarf. And a fine towel.
Also an ocean breeze wind break.
And a sun shield, to watch the waves through.

• 100% brushed cotton.
• Handcrafted in Como, Italy.Whilst shooting with some friends, we had our pareo to hand.
We didn’t call them pareo.
We didn’t say ‘wear them like this’.
We just handed them over and watched how they were used.
Letting them decide their own fate if you like.
It appears that, thankfully, our pareo is actually a pareo (in the mornings, after the ocean and poolside).
But it is not just a pareo.
Our pareo is also a shawl.
And it is a fine towel.
It is an ocean breeze wind-break.
And a sun-shield to watch the waves through.
It is rolled and draped (post workout style) around the shoulders, and held in each hand at the waist to walk along the sand.
It is a loose scarf for evening dining and something that, maybe because of the softness, is just held at the fireside.
It is also something that is very, very hard to get back.
We think our ‘Pareo’ wants to be called a ‘Buen Provecho’.
Which simply means ‘For Your Good Enjoyment’.