And getting nicely lost.

Short makers?
Fabric curators?
Towel weavers?
We’re not sure what we are.
We swim in the Atlantic and eat empanadas.
Smell the flowers and watch the birds.
We look at the sky. And the sea. A lot.
Go on long walks. And try to get nicely lost.
We worry about money. And other stuff. Like everyone.
We call our mums and play on the beach with the kids.
We spend ages looking at ink stains
sometimes cut our thumbs amateur woodworking
and we dream with friends.
We are very lucky.
We are in a special place.
Surrounded by wonderful things.
Nature. Family. Empanadas.
Conversations with artists becoming friendships.
Ideas, plans, paintings, shorts.
Or just the blue we were looking for –
found in one tiny patch of sky, one Friday evening.
We’re very grateful to see and feel so many wonderful things.
And the things we feel, we try to make.
We hope you enjoy wearing our dreams.
As much as we enjoy dreaming them.